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Professional advice on how to do well on your finals

How to Do Well On a Final Exams

5 Tips For Doing Well on a Final Exam 

Five Common Mistakes To Avoid During Finals Week 

Best Tips To Rock Your Finals 

Beat Final Exam Stress 




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It’s finals time

In honor of finals coming up, I will be posting pictures and posts dedicated to this glorious event. Stay tuned!


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Keep Calm and Travel Smart

It’s almost Thanksgiving time and you know what that means! No, it’s not the glorious turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, you are thinking of, its holiday travel. Yes, everyones favorite thing. With all of this excitement, it can overwhelm anyone. But don’t worry. I have a few tips and tricks to keep anyone sane.

Pack smart 

warm to cold 

If you are like me, you are an out-of-state kid who is going home to a warm climate and coming back to a cold one. If this is the case, pack all your summer clothes and bring back all your long wool coats. This will not only make room in your closet in the dorm room, but put clothes in your closet at home for when you come home in the spring/summer.

cold to cold

For the out-of-staters going from a cold climate to a warm climate, the process is a little more tricky. Definitely bring all your summer clothes that you have in your dorm room back, but only bring one or two “heavy” coats for the holidays and bring the rest of your cold weather stuff back to the dorms to survive the weather


Be productive at the airport 

Airports around the holidays are to malls on Black Fridays. HELL. The lines are long and everyone is antsy to get home. Get to the airport around 2 hours early. This gives you plenty of time to check any baggage that you have and go through the security check line. Depending on the length of your flight, either buy the wireless internet package or bring a light textbook and study. Even if you eventually fall asleep on the plane, at least you spent some of your time wisely and by all means, catch up on your sleep.

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Surviving the Holidays: Thanksgiving edition

Everybody loves the holidays. It brings families together , friendships rekindle, and people take the time to realize what they are truly thankful for….or that’s what people wish the holidays did. Let’s be honest, the holidays brings on more stress, headaches, and bellyaches than we anticipate. And as much as you love and want to see your family, you will be more than ready to see them leave once the holiday week is done and over with. Here are my hints and tips to making your holiday season more memorable than dreadful.

Cherish your time before it perishes 

Of course it is going to be great to see your family again, but make sure you are cherishing every moment you have with them. This means putting your pride aside and biting your tongue when things don’t go your way. Try the listening approach. Listen to what people have to say instead of trying to get people to listen to you. It wouldn’t kill you pick up a broom, run some errands, or dial some numbers to help out when turkey day comes, because I’m sure the cook in your family will greatly appreciate it, and when Thursday comes, so will you.

Visit the important people 

I’m sure you have a bunch of people blowing up your Facebook notifications and writing on your wall saying that you need to hang out , and depending on the day that you get out for school; you might not have enough time to see all of them. Prioritze. Prioritize. Prioritize. I made a rule that the people who I have kept in touch with throughout my college freshman year, I will make a personal effort to see first. If this means the only time we hang out is the midnight premiere of the Muppets Movie, then so be it, because when it comes down to it; your friends that stay in contact with you throughout your college life are more likely to become life long friends anyways.

Put the books away 

The point of a break is to take, a break. Don’t overload yourself with to-do lists of papers and chapters that you have to read. By all means, if you have to review the material for the big test that you have, then do so, but don’t stress yourself out too much. Gather the materials that you need to study before you leave and review them periodically. Don’t take this break as an extra 5 days to cram for your next test because this when you come back to your college town, you are going to realize how much you missed out on while you were home.

Have fun 

The most important aspect of the holidays is to have fun. Don’t worry about the extra pounds that you are going to gain or how much you are going to dread going back to that Thursday class with that horrible professor, because that shouldn’t be your main priority this break. Just sit back, relax, and do some black Friday shopping or beat that next level in the game you can’t beat with the people withat you love the most.



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College Cure

Getting sick in college

 The flu is one bug the exterminator can’t fix and neither can your mom now that you’re in college. It’s time to start caring for your health yourself. Everyone is going to get sick in college. With the horrible ventilation system your dorm room is bound to have, you are going to need a pretty strong immune system to fight all of the germs floating around in the air. Here are some preventative steps you can take to make sure that you and your body are ready to fight any infection that comes your way.

Get a flu shot

It was okay when you were 5 years old to be deathly afraid of shots, and the only thing that could relax you was getting the SpongeBob sticker at your doctor’s office. But, now it’s time to grow up. Youcan have that amazing sticker but you have to fess up and get a flu shot at your own leisure. Protecting yourself with the flu shot is an amazing idea because it provides a wall against the germs from the flu which is essentially like spring bug spray all over your body. The nasty flu bug will find another host once it sees that you are no match for it.

Have a medical supply ready

Nobody likes to get sick and no one especially likes to go to the pharmacy when they are feeling under the weather. In your medical supply, you should have:
• Ibuprofen
• Something to help you sleep (Advil PM, Stay Sleep, etc.)
• Tylenol cold and flu
• A vapor rub
• Sore throat reliever
• Upset stomach soother

Keep a supply of tissues at hand

You definitely don’t want to be using all of your roommate’s toilet paper for your cold
Your mom’s recipe for chicken noodle soup
There’s nothing better to comfort your cold better than your mom’s chicken noodle soup. It’s a low calorie way to sooth basically any illness that you have. Just take a can of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup or figure out your own recipe.

Make sure you get your rest

It’s definitely hard to get rest in college because there’s so much going on but if you feel yourself getting under the weather, make sure you hit the bed. The more rest you get, the faster your immune system can recover and you can bounce back to normal.

Don’t stress yourself out

When you feel yourself getting stressed, take a break; watch your favorite show, and just chill out.


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