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The college Black Friday List

Black Friday is probably my favorite holiday. Not only do you get fabulous deals, but you get all your Christmas shopping done early and at prices nobody can beat. Especially for college students who run on a budget, this can be a fabulous idea for a get together with your friends whom you haven’t seen in a while and Christmas shop together. Here are my top Black Friday Picks.

Old Navy

Old Navy is probably my top pick because they are giving away a Kodak EasyShare Waterproof Camera with a $40 purchase. If you are as excited about this deal as I am, get your lawn chairs ready because you need to arrive very early because supplies is limited, but the wait is so worth it.


During the winter, nobody is going to want to truck in the snow to get out and have fun. And while the TV is great, you are going to want to have something a little more exciting. This is why I am buying board games. Yes. Board games so when we are stuck in the snow with no place to go, we can break out the monopoly board and play a couple of rounds. Walmart is selling these games for 3.99! You can’t get a better deal then that. With those prices, Even Milton Bradley would cough up the cash.


This make-up giant is having a great sale. Not only are their exclusive shampoos buy one get one half off. Their make up is marked down 75%, and this is good make up we are talking. Whether you are a girl or a guy looking to get his mom a great present, Ulta is the place to be.

Best Buy

So when you are stuck in the dorm room and netflix is getting old, the next best thing is the old fashioned DVDs. Best buy is selling their DVDs for $1.99. Their selection ranges from new releases to classics. You can’t go wrong either way.


JcPennys has a fabulous winter sale going on for black friday. Thick cable knit sweaters are only 10 dollars for both men and women, originally 25. Also, they are having a great sale on coats. And from what reports are telling us, winter is going to be brutal this year so you better stock up.


Target is having a phenomenal sale store wide, but pay extra attention to the fruit of loom fleece. This is great to go under your down coats or just chilling in the dorm room. Any way you have it, this fleece is a must have and at only 5 bucks for both the tops and sweats, you can’t beat it.




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Top Things to do with your friends during Thanksgiving break

1. Go see the Muppets Movie 

No matter how old you are, you will never get tired of Kermit’s voice or his tumultuous relationship with the ever fabulous Miss Piggy. It’s been 12 years since their last release of a Muppet classic and the gang is back and better than ever. In this tyriad, the gang joins together to save an old movie theatre from being destroyed by a greedy oil tycoon. Political? Yes. Entertaining? Of course. No matter how old you are, you will enjoy this Muppets movie also staring Jason Segel and Amy Adams.

2. Black Friday shopping 

After you are full from all that turkey, get your shopping shoes on because when the clock strikes twelve, it’s Black Friday shopping time. Target, Best Buy, and Walmart have some amazing deals this year, including a $149 flat screen TV, but it’s a great way to get all your Christmas shopping out of the way early at a fraction of the cost.

3. Have a catch-up session 

Chances are, you haven’t kept up with your friends back home as much as you should have. It’s okay. We lose touch with home when we are out having fun and making new friendships. Not only is Thanksgiving a time for you to see your long lost best friend, it’s a time for to share stories, and college provides a lot of stories. Set aside 3-4 hours for you to just talk and chill with your BFF’s. Make plenty of snacks because you are going to be there for a while.

4. Decorate your homes with Christmas decor 

The day after Thanksgiving signifies the start of the Christmas season. Spread the Christmas cheer with you friends by decorating the inside of one of your homes. It’s a great way to pick up extra decorating tips for Christmas decor for you dorm room and it’s a great bonding experience as well. Don’t get too caught up in the decorations though, because I’m sure your parents want to surprise you with a Christmas house when you come back from winter break.

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Surviving the Holidays: Thanksgiving edition

Everybody loves the holidays. It brings families together , friendships rekindle, and people take the time to realize what they are truly thankful for….or that’s what people wish the holidays did. Let’s be honest, the holidays brings on more stress, headaches, and bellyaches than we anticipate. And as much as you love and want to see your family, you will be more than ready to see them leave once the holiday week is done and over with. Here are my hints and tips to making your holiday season more memorable than dreadful.

Cherish your time before it perishes 

Of course it is going to be great to see your family again, but make sure you are cherishing every moment you have with them. This means putting your pride aside and biting your tongue when things don’t go your way. Try the listening approach. Listen to what people have to say instead of trying to get people to listen to you. It wouldn’t kill you pick up a broom, run some errands, or dial some numbers to help out when turkey day comes, because I’m sure the cook in your family will greatly appreciate it, and when Thursday comes, so will you.

Visit the important people 

I’m sure you have a bunch of people blowing up your Facebook notifications and writing on your wall saying that you need to hang out , and depending on the day that you get out for school; you might not have enough time to see all of them. Prioritze. Prioritize. Prioritize. I made a rule that the people who I have kept in touch with throughout my college freshman year, I will make a personal effort to see first. If this means the only time we hang out is the midnight premiere of the Muppets Movie, then so be it, because when it comes down to it; your friends that stay in contact with you throughout your college life are more likely to become life long friends anyways.

Put the books away 

The point of a break is to take, a break. Don’t overload yourself with to-do lists of papers and chapters that you have to read. By all means, if you have to review the material for the big test that you have, then do so, but don’t stress yourself out too much. Gather the materials that you need to study before you leave and review them periodically. Don’t take this break as an extra 5 days to cram for your next test because this when you come back to your college town, you are going to realize how much you missed out on while you were home.

Have fun 

The most important aspect of the holidays is to have fun. Don’t worry about the extra pounds that you are going to gain or how much you are going to dread going back to that Thursday class with that horrible professor, because that shouldn’t be your main priority this break. Just sit back, relax, and do some black Friday shopping or beat that next level in the game you can’t beat with the people withat you love the most.



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