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Energy Drink Advice

Just because energy drinks are 2/$5.00 doesn’t mean you should buy 2. If you do however buy both, and intend on drinking them both in the same day, also eat a hearty meal in between the two (preferably a meal without lots of sugar). Energy drinks are DANGEROUS on an empty stomach help no one’s productivity. This is especially true once the jitters kick in and you being to feel ill. You don’t want your energy drink to hinder your progress on finals instead of help it.

So remember, careful with the energy drinks and caffeine, and stay calm if you’ve gone to class and payed attention you’ll probably do fine.


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College Cure

Getting sick in college

 The flu is one bug the exterminator can’t fix and neither can your mom now that you’re in college. It’s time to start caring for your health yourself. Everyone is going to get sick in college. With the horrible ventilation system your dorm room is bound to have, you are going to need a pretty strong immune system to fight all of the germs floating around in the air. Here are some preventative steps you can take to make sure that you and your body are ready to fight any infection that comes your way.

Get a flu shot

It was okay when you were 5 years old to be deathly afraid of shots, and the only thing that could relax you was getting the SpongeBob sticker at your doctor’s office. But, now it’s time to grow up. Youcan have that amazing sticker but you have to fess up and get a flu shot at your own leisure. Protecting yourself with the flu shot is an amazing idea because it provides a wall against the germs from the flu which is essentially like spring bug spray all over your body. The nasty flu bug will find another host once it sees that you are no match for it.

Have a medical supply ready

Nobody likes to get sick and no one especially likes to go to the pharmacy when they are feeling under the weather. In your medical supply, you should have:
• Ibuprofen
• Something to help you sleep (Advil PM, Stay Sleep, etc.)
• Tylenol cold and flu
• A vapor rub
• Sore throat reliever
• Upset stomach soother

Keep a supply of tissues at hand

You definitely don’t want to be using all of your roommate’s toilet paper for your cold
Your mom’s recipe for chicken noodle soup
There’s nothing better to comfort your cold better than your mom’s chicken noodle soup. It’s a low calorie way to sooth basically any illness that you have. Just take a can of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup or figure out your own recipe.

Make sure you get your rest

It’s definitely hard to get rest in college because there’s so much going on but if you feel yourself getting under the weather, make sure you hit the bed. The more rest you get, the faster your immune system can recover and you can bounce back to normal.

Don’t stress yourself out

When you feel yourself getting stressed, take a break; watch your favorite show, and just chill out.


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