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Prepared for Finals?


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Make a list before somebody gets hurt



One valuable thing that you can do to reduce your stress and make sure that you accomplish all the tasks that you need to do is to make a list. It’s one thing to say that you are going to do something, but when you make a concrete list about the tasks that you need to accomplish, you have a higher chance of actually accomplishing those tasks.

There have been many studies about how making lists actually boosts your chance of succeding. The basis of creating a great list focuses on these 5 aspects:


Focus on what you want to achieve and stick to that goal. Eliminate the second guessing and stick to one concerete idea. This will make your goal simple and attainable


The more specific your goal is the easier it is for you and others to understand what it is you exactly what to do.


Have you ever started driving and didn’t know where the heck you were going? Your list should be as easy to understand as the directions on Google Maps. The reason why lists work is because give you a clear cut direction to where you want to go without diversion.


Making lists helps you sort out what you actually want to do right now in the momment and what can wait for later. Organize your list in order of importance. By prioritizing, you will make better use of time and finish the tasks that you need to accomplish faster and have more time for freedom


My list for Finals:


Finish Intro to COM exam at work

Print all materials I need for work

Go to the mail room

Blog 5 things

Start working on Philosophy Exam


Finish the rest of COM exam/type it

Finsh Philosophy Exam at Work

Blog 5 Things

Go to Library

Read book for relaxing at work


Relax and print Marketing notes

Clean room

Watch a movie on Netflix

Go to the city?


Study for philosophy at work

Church at 5:30

Send final blog to Multimedia Teacher after church


Study for Philosophy after Multimedia exam


Philosophy exam at 7:30

Start studying for Marketing


Marketing Exam at 5:30

Date Night after exam

Christmas Party


Say goodbye to Patrick

Sleep until 6


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All Nighters: The Buddy System

So, yesterday was my first all nighter in about a month. Let me tell you, this stuff isn’t easy. My tip for an all nighter: have an all nighter buddy. Trust me on this. Not only will you stay up together, you will keep each other accountable for doing work. Always remember the buddy system

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It’s finals time

In honor of finals coming up, I will be posting pictures and posts dedicated to this glorious event. Stay tuned!


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Wise words from Arianna Huffington

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Don’t sweat the small stuff

Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.

— Swedish Proverb

So you didn’t get the guy, the spot in the lead play, or your order of “special” nachos right, now what? Go and cry in your room? Complain to your parents and friends about how unfair it is that he/she/it is worse than you and that you are better than them? No. You move on with your life because everything happens for a reason.

The small stuff is what gets us though, it seems like one small thing goes wrong, then a domino effect occurs and all of a sudden we have a big pile of problems; it’s hard to get out of our smalls stuff rut. The only way to get over our problems is with a new attitude. We have so many big problems that effect our world today—poverty, depression, Bill O’reily—we can rise above not getting everything we want.   If we go through life carrying all our baggage and issues with us, all we will accomplish is problems not solutions nor happiness. Life doesn’t perspire, so don’t sweat the small stuff


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