Top five reasons why you should stay in contact with your friends from home

1. Your best friends know you better than the autofill function

Your friends in college are a lot like the autofill function on your computer. If a question comes up like your name, phone number, even address, your new college friends might be able to answer it, but not much else. Your best friends know you beyond autofill and could probably recite even your social security number if you asked them. You are going to need people in your life that know the more personal aspects of your life.

2. You need a biased third party

Whether it’s roommate problems or dating advice, you are going to want to have someone that is going to be by your side regardless of the situation. Sometimes you just need someone to be on your side, even if you are wrong.

3. Everyone hates mosquitos

Nobody likes mosquitos. They only come around when they need something and if you haven’t kept up with your friends, they are going to think that you are using them because you are simply lonely. Eventually, they are going to get that repellant and the flyswatter and make sure you never bother them anymore.

4. It’s the next best thing to home cooked meals

Think about your favorite home cooked dish. Whenever you eat it, makes you think of all the good times you had the dish. On Christmas, Thanksgiving, even your birthday, that dish makes you think of all those good times. Friends are no different. You look at pictures and you think about all the good times you had, that time you spent watching your favorite childhood movies or the time you set-up a surprise b-day party for your best friend, friends bring back all those old feelings.

5. You’ll never have a good dye job if you forget the roots

No matter how much you want to be blonde, if you forget your roots you will still be a brunette. The same concept applies when you leave for college. You can never forget where you came from, who raised you, and who made you who you are today. Those friends who helped you through that break-up, that time that they help you get ungrounded, and that time your friend brought flowers just because it was Tuesday. Those are the people that you can never ever forget, no matter what your hair color is.



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2 responses to “Top five reasons why you should stay in contact with your friends from home

  1. This is SUCH a great list and so true!! I was speaking with a few of my best friends yesterday (we no longer live very close to each other) and we were saying how important it is to keep in contact with each other. It seems that the people that you grew up with “back home” are the ones who know you best; you’ve been through so much together and they understand you like no one else ever will…especially not your new friends. šŸ™‚

    Great post and LOVE point #5, by the way! šŸ™‚

    • Thank you! and it’s SO TRUE! You can always make new friends and create new experienced but the people who have known you since you were in diapers or since you had those cute clear braces have seen you grown and form into the person that you are today.

      Thanks so much for the comment.

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